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October 26, 2022, 06:30 PM

A Wholesalers Perspective – What Retailers and Carriers Should Know

A Talk by Lee Woodruff Vice President of Business Development, Jencap

The only thing changing as quickly as cannabis legislation is the unique insurance needs of this budding industry.  This marketplace is so volatile with the constant introduction of new products and exposures; making it essential to work with a specialized cannabis wholesaler.  Jencap has a dedicated team of industry-leading cannabis brokers that are poised and ready to set you and your cannabis clients up for success on their insurance portfolio – regardless of their unique risk factors.

Jencap cannabis expert, Lee Woodruff, is excited to provide you with meaningful insights surrounding the current state of the cannabis industry and pending legislative changes that will impact cannabis businesses countrywide.  He will guide you through important underwriting considerations when working a cannabis deal and highlight some of the key coverages that should be included.

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