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October 27, 2022, 06:30 PM

Cannabis Insurance Buzz Session

A Talk by Kathleen Brown-Hurtado, T.J. Frost, Summer Jenkins, Jesse Parenti, Charles Pyfrom and Jon Spratt Curotech Specialty, Symphony Grow, Cannabis Insurance Wholesalers, Nine Point Strategies, CannGen Insurance Services & Greensite Insurance Services

This roundtable is hosted by CannGen's Charles Pyfrom, who will take five expert panelists around the cannabis world, exploring topics like risks, rates, policy language and selling insurance to cannabis companies. The last panel of the day is also our biggest.

Categories covered

  • Opportunities for Insurance Professionals
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  • Cannabis Products, Sales, Data and Consumer Intelligence
    Browse all 9 talks
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain
    Browse all 7 talks
  • Legal Matters and Cannabis Lawsuits
    Browse all 6 talks
  • Insurance Products
    Browse all 8 talks
  • Insuring Cannabis Rates, Capacity, and Trends
    Browse all 7 talks
  • M&A, SPAC, D&O, MSO, E&O, EPL
    Browse all 2 talks
  • Commercial Auto
    Browse all 3 talks
  • Claims
    Browse all 4 talks

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