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October 26, 2022, 04:00 PM

Cannabis Market: Legitimacy, Legalization, Evolution

A Talk by Roy Bingham, Morgan Fox, Don Jergler and Karl Long BDSA, NORML, Insurance Journal & Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Four well-known experts in the cannabis space tell us why the industry is finally on legitimate footing, in which directions the political winds are blowing across the country, and what products will drive sales into the future. Insurance Journal's Don Jergler will host a forward-looking dialogue with a cannabis data guru, a policy wonk who regularly speaks to national media, and the top risk manager for a publicly traded Trulieve.

Categories covered

  • Cannabis Industry Legitimacy
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  • Cannabis Products, Sales, Data and Consumer Intelligence
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  • Compliance
    Browse all 3 talks
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain
    Browse all 7 talks
  • Legal Matters and Cannabis Lawsuits
    Browse all 6 talks
  • Insuring Cannabis Rates, Capacity, and Trends
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