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October 27, 2022, 04:00 PM

Insuring Cannabis Foresights & Intelligence for 2022 and Beyond

A Talk by Matt Engle, Jim McErlean, Erich Schutz and Jay Virdi Insurance Office of America, Cannasure Insurance Services, Jencap & Hub International’s Cannabis Specialty Practice

Call it an outlook, a forecast, or just a good, old-fashioned business talk. This panel is hosted by a top business development manager in the insuring cannabis arena, and he's pressing three fellow experts for what they think the market will bring in coming years. Rates? Trouble spots? New products? Opportunities? They'll answer those questions and more.

Categories covered

  • Cannabis Industry Legitimacy
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  • Opportunities for Insurance Professionals
    Browse all 8 talks
  • Cannabis Products, Sales, Data and Consumer Intelligence
    Browse all 9 talks
  • Compliance
    Browse all 3 talks
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain
    Browse all 7 talks
  • Legal Matters and Cannabis Lawsuits
    Browse all 6 talks
  • Insurance Products
    Browse all 8 talks
  • Insuring Cannabis Rates, Capacity, and Trends
    Browse all 7 talks
  • M&A, SPAC, D&O, MSO, E&O, EPL
    Browse all 2 talks
  • Commercial Auto
    Browse all 3 talks
  • Claims
    Browse all 4 talks
  • Surplus Lines
    Browse all 1 talk

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